Reinvention Studio Inc. (RSI) can bring its own expertise, skills, values, and interests to a project. You want to find one that is most compatible with your project’s needs. Here are some vital questions to ask as you interview Expert Designers for your project:

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  1. What is the estimated time to handle this project? Times can vary quite a bit. The client is a major factor in how long an expert designer will take to handle a project. A client with a clear plan and no budget worries can see a result in a few weeks. However, a client without a clear and concise idea of what they want and who is very budget conscious may have to wait as many as four months or longer before seeing a finished design. Some factors can’t be controlled by either the client or the architect, such as weather, zoning reviews, and contractor scheduling.
  2. How do you charge? Knowing how the Designer charges: hourly, percentage, square foot, etc., will help you manage the budget. As you ask this question and establish your budget, be sure to add another 25% to account for any necessary extra expenditure. If you can’t afford the extra 25%, you may have designed more house than you can’t afford! We can find solutions.
  3. What are your basic services, and what would incur additional fees? Be sure you know what is included in the basic package. Additional services could include a survey of existing conditions to make sure that what you want is even possible on the site, 3-D modeling, interior design, and kitchen design. A good designers will make you aware of what is basic and what is extra, but you should always ask if you don’t see it listed. Many Designers and architects today use 3D rendering (Autodesk’s Revit/BIM/Rhino, so that the client can see the project from any angle. A Designer or architect who doesn’t do this may not be up to speed on the latest methods and techniques.

There are more questions to ask depending on your project and preferences, such as if the Designer has experience with “green” design and what fees may be incurred by certain design changes. It’s best to ask as many questions as you can think of to get all of the information you need. Ask if they have done LEED-certified projects.

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