Our group has global businesses with a mission of improving places, lives and the future by challenging common approaches. We serve a much higher purpose.

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“Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity”

What makes you Proud?
We are most proud to change lives and improve our future. Sure most think Money can change our biggest areas, yet it deeper than that.
Grateful to be part of landmark global changes to affect our planet, banks and humanity for next 1000 years.

See us working alongside you to advance the Reinvention.

Did you know our firm has been key in acquisitions in Real Estate, Yacht and Aviation for strong buyers. We are showing our approach and process on Strategy page.

From the Magazine (May–June 2024)

Summary.   Twenty years ago, consultants at Bain & Company published a book that explored a dispiriting reality: Although companies spent billions of dollars a year pursuing deals, 70% of mergers and acquisitions wound up as failures.

But today those odds have inverted. According to new research by Bain, over the past 20 years firms have done more than …
(See more in article)

What has changed? This article presents four explanations for the turnabout.

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We Accomplish Missions

Our group has global businesses with a mission of improving places, lives and the future by challenging common approaches. We serve a much higher purpose.

Our values create trusting relationships built through competence, credibility, character and Reinvention Global companies provides the self-discipline and focus needed to advance the largest of endeavors.

Please reach out if you are interested in finding out more about what we have to offer your endeavors and meet with your shareholders.

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For Investments, we dedicate our Family Office, Reinvention Trust and Reinvention Global.

  1. Asset Management / M&A

  2. Private Equity

  3. Acquisitions & Consulting (See page 2)

  4. Family Office



We have an interest in fostering revenue generating companies, that are entering the market, have established infrastructure to scale and have liquidity, from an M&A sale to a strategic or private equity buyer or Initial Public Offering (IPO).

We work on private and sovereign levels. And have Client asset deals with governments and Sovereigns / Monarchies. The Diplomatic work will be further defined in March 2024.



Be informed and make wise decisions. We reserve the right to reject Investment or Acquisition submissions at our discretion, as part of our due diligence. All investments have risk, so Reinvention Trust and Reinvention Global will be involved in these Categories:

      • Asset strategies (Turn liabilities into assets and much more)

      • Compliance & Intake of Historical assets, Golden Assets, and GBP/EUR/USD currency deals (Swaps, Exchanges and Monetizing).

      • Capital Market consultant for our Clients. We handle Desk to Desk directly to ensure closings and teams paid via our Paymaster.

      • Gold Bullion is another interest of our teams. If buyer, seller or power of attorney (POA), then we would review a Soft Corporate Offer (SCO/FCO). This interest is includes 12.5 oz bars, and Dore. We have Buyers and Sellers. Precious Metals Sovereign Trade program also is available upon request.

      • Landmark Real Estate Acquisitions. Additionally, we will negotiate strong offers on off-market Hotels, Skyscrapers, Financial Towers, Land / Islands, and Banks. Private Jets and Yachts also.
      • Starting March 29, 2024, all systems changing on how we buy assets, please visit the website of the Sovereign Monarchy.



In its general form, a family office is a wealth manager created by a family to meet its unique wealth and investment needs. Family office investment services include asset allocation and third-party investment manager selection at a minimum, and larger family offices sometimes offer internal investment management as well.

In our Reinvention Family Office, due to our multiple focus areas and “family clients”, we can diversify our risks, while gaining key market perspectives. 
Reinvention Family Office is not considered to the public as an investment adviser.

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We, Reinvention Global 1, perform Non-profit setups, Offer intake for most advanced MedBed healing , and follow Effective Altruism mindsets.. What is your mission and how does your Non-Profit IMPACT lives?

See wahr we doing to Save Lives
Wellness and Health

 Welcome to our Global network of Impact thinkers and Effective Altruists.


508(c)(1)(a) non-profit organizations provide faith-based groups with distinct advantages, allowing them to operate as tax-exempt entities while enjoying greater freedom of speech, reduced public scrutiny, and enhanced privacy protections. This unique status empowers religious institutions to engage in political discourse, protect donor anonymity, and exercise their religious autonomy. By understanding the benefits of 508(c)(1)(a) status, faith-based organizations can make informed decisions that align with their goals and values, ultimately enabling them to have a more significant impact on their communities and society as a whole.

What is a Religious Non-profit Corporation? Established by State statute, a Religious Non-Profit, Non-Stock Corporation (RNPC for short) is exempt from the jurisdiction of the IRS. The First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…”   (See footnote 1)

Follow us to see ways we can help you! We will even consult and setup your own Non-Profit or RNPC. We have plenty of Multi-Millionaires we have helped. See the qualifications to understand if its for you.

Request appointment to speak to Darren Sumner and get your comprehensive Booklet at link below. We will speak first then can go to next step and fees to For rush orders, we can complete in 3 business days.

WHAT IS THE REGISTERED AGENT FOR? The corporation is authorized by State law and must have a Registered Agent who lives in the State. The Registered Agent will be provided as assigned by Reinvention Global.  The Registered Agent’s name will appear on the Incorporation Form and on the SS-4 Form which will be used to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for banking purposes only.


Effective Altruism
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Registered in Oregon and Utah
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Footnote Trivia:
Since 1954, the 508 law change has been in affect w IRS approved by Congress. This is 70 YEARS Legislation approved in 1954, commonly known as the Johnson Amendment, put into place a law that churches and other nonprofit organizations that are tax exempt”are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office,”according to the IRS website.

Get over TWO (2) Non-profits setup and grow these 508s together with your Friends + Family! After becoming a client, we offer F+F deal with flexible rates to your F+F
network with Referral fees.
To all clients we serve, we ask kindly for donations to our Non-profit for Education or Homeless purpose (please indicate as a Donation to us). We love when people help people!

The RNPC is registered as a religious entity whose purpose is education, medical services, or whatever the Board decides is worthy of its efforts.



Darren “Dare” Sumner darren@reinventure-ltd.com 

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Dwight B. Williams, J.D.  

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Helen S. Feng, PMP info@reinventure-ltd.com 

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We are a resourceful and mission-focused organization.

Our team comprises of diverse backgrounds in Acquisitions, M&A, Architecture / Real Estate, Law, Diplomacy, Media, Data Security / Tech, and Economics. We are a knowledgeable team with valuable experience. Our aim is to support the ongoing innovative internal investment and strategic insights as we establish the Reinvention Family Office (RFO).

Through our global network and relationships with prominent investors, absolute monarchies, and sovereign nations, we have access to exclusive opportunities that are often overlooked. This exposure has provided us with a profound understanding of the optimal decisions for future growth.

We would like to thank the many unlisted supporters and ambassadors behind the scenes.

LOCATION: Existing office in UTAH. We are scaling up to new locations starting May 2024.


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