We can streamlines ventures with a strategic roadmap for their business, with changing the approach in funding, going from Philanthropy to Altruism, focusing on quality relations both local but globally. Our typical Consultancy includes:

Improve Quality by Mindset changes
Culture & Team Design
Change Management
Board Advisory


We advise senior management on their business strategy. And in doing so, we help translate purpose into action inside the organization. We help prepare you for the future of work by building organizational integrity that drives innovation. Services also include:
Leadership Development
Real Estate Master-planning
International Relations
Company Reorganizaton

Reinvention has trusts and family offices being setup further to provide short and long-term capital investment in assets through both debt and equity participation. We use our experience and expertise to support growing Companies with strong Management Teams and clear, well defined strategies.

Which is best solution for building secure wealth … an Asset Protection Trust (APT),  Family Office or Non-Profit? And which location is best? 

Some of our team is directly involved in humanitarian efforts and in contract to relieve homelessness, poverty, and redistribute wealth to all nations. Motivated by improving Humanity and Saving Lives. From this effort, we can do top-level work.

      • International Relations & Business
      • Working as Liaison in Diplomatic Relations


We have a non-profit, aptly named, Reinvention Global 1 (US-based Non-profit, c. 2022) for our global efforts. We can help setup your own Non-profit or advise you. We incorporate your ventures!

Convert Mindset from Charitable Organizations (501)
Effective Altruism and RNPC (Non-Profit page on our site)

We establish Non-Profit Corps. (508 Religious NP Corps). LINK
Focused on Effective Altruism (EA)
Impact Investing
Local and International solutions


Reinvention companies do not participate in, trade with, solicit or claim to represent any illegal, illicit and or unlawful entities, information and Clients.

Information provided to us is the sole responsibility of the Client and or Vendor. Reinvention companies are lawfully obliged to report any attempt by third parties to solicit, provide illicit information or present false documentation in an attempt to defraud our firms.

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