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Presented by Redare Journals, is this exploration of societies seen in the world; a division of the growing Billionaires and the growing Poor; an obvious shrinking middle-class. The outspoken viewpoints are to determine solutions as what philanthropists should do to solve these issues. Send us comments on how you wish to get involved!

Look into Effective Altruism (link)

Forecast: Things are about to change in our Economy for the better starting April 2024!

How to Create a Family Office

We are launching $30M+ Funds and Family Offices. Here is how to set one up the best (that fits us):
DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial or legal advice. All fund projects or Family Offices are subject to multiple variables and risks that make it impossible to predict success. Since we cannot predict success or provide you with information on what an average customer experience is by creating a fund, you should assume you will not have the same type of success or any success at all. We encourage you to seek out advice from other qualified professionals for advice on setting up your particular fund.

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Globally Unbiased Journalism

REDARE: Etymology: reda (“heiress; heir”) +‎ -are

From the wealthy to the poorest, we expose the divide and inequality, with global awareness formed from the diplomatic work of our associates and contributing writers.

Learn so much here and from network of global sovereign perspectives that help one another.

Presented by Redare Journals in May 2022, is this exploration of the need for FINANCIAL LITERACY; from the teens to aging adults, we need to educate on how money works. The outspoken viewpoints are to determine solutions. Send us comments on how you wish to get involved!